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Kitty Mollys Probiotic Gummies

7 Reviews

7 reviews

60 Gummies

Be careful our highly addictive Kitty Molly gummies are irresistibly delicious with juicy benefits! Studies have shown that a balanced vaginal pH reduces the risk of infections, therefore each gummy contains 2 billion+ probiotics (good bacteria) and cranberry fruit extract to establish a defense against pathogens. This helps prevent UTIs, improve vaginal pH, and aid in digestion.


  • Each gummy contains 2 billion+ probiotics.
  • Promotes good gut health and aids in proper digestion.
  • Increases v*ginal wetness and promotes great v*ginal taste and smell.
  • Maintains and balances pH levels.
  • Improves digestion and promotes clear skin.

Directions: Take 2 gummies per day, 30 minutes before your meal.

CAUTION: Do not exceed more than 4 gummies per day.

Store in a cool dry place.


Shelf life 1 year from purchased date.