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Organic Effective Feminine Hygiene Products

Why choose us?

Because here at Millennial Naturals™️ we offer unique & competitive organic products that are designed to cater to your skin and most delicate parts. Our famous Kitty Kartel™️ feminine care line is packed with plant-based ingredients that will restore your feminine pH and boosts your confidence in and out of the bedroom.

Think of us as an organic alternative to your daily intimate hygiene and skin care regimen but with a TWIST. Join our tribe of Clean Pu$$y Society Addicts as we empower women to love themselves and value their “Pu$$y” by taking care of it properly with products designed just for it. Our products contain NO sulfates, NO petrochemicals, NO parabens, NO artificial colors, and NOT tested on animals.

Founded in 2017 by Pu$$y Pablo


“Hey there 👋🏾 Kartel Addicts and future Addicts welcome to Kitty Kartel™️ by Millennial Naturals, the most addictive plant-based feminine hygiene brand with a Twist! I’m the infamous Pu$$y Pablo your trusted Plug 🔌 and Kitty dealer. I am the founder, curator, and face behind the Kitty Kartel™️ Brand. I formulated and trademarked Kitty Kartel™️ products with you in mind. Although, I went to Nursing School and worked as Certified Medical Technician for years, ultimately my gift for making products is self-taught and started at a very young age. Becoming a business woman is genetically engraved and passed down from my mother who was also a entrepreneur and saleswoman. The saying goes that “when your not invited to have a seat at the table it’s better to build your own table and invite others come to sit with you,” and so I did. I noticed there was a lack of quality, organic, and accessible feminine hygiene products on the market so I decided to create one. I originally made these products personally for myself when I suffered from my own personal feminine issues and realized it worked so well for me so why not make it for other women? One thing led to another, and here we are with the most unique and diverse hygiene products. I am very passionate and vocal about women’s rights and individual expression. I desire for women to become self-aware and confidant through the practice of proper self-care and intimate hygiene wellness. My products will heal you physically, spiritually, and build your self-esteem.”



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