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Terms of Agreement (Distributors)

Conditions of Agreement

By agreeing to become a distributor and purchasing our products wholesale (in bulk) you are operating under the jurisdiction of Kitty Kartel/Millennial Naturals. You must keep to all our guidelines below in order to remain a distributor and continue doing business with us. Our rules are stated but not limited to the following:



1. Removal of our labels from the products and/or distortion of product packaging is strictly prohibited. Products must be sold as is with the Kitty Kartel identity.

2. Entry (Acceptance) condition: Every Kartel distributor must order an entry volume of 50 pcs of items from the Kartel product page that can be mixed and matched. Each separate product item ordered must contain a minimum quantity of five items.

3. Maintenance condition (1): To maintain your status as a distributor, every order placed must contain a minimum volume of 20 items and each separate product purchased must be in quantities of five or more (>5 pcs per product).

4. Maintenance condition (2): To maintain your status as a distributor you must ensure that your account is not idle (inactive) for more than 6 months without a sufficient order (minimum volume of 20 items) entry. When this occurs, we will assume disinterest and your account will be inactivated.  

5. Ordering Condition: You must order a minimum of 5 or more per item selected. For example: if Jenny, the distributor is coming back to re-up on more products she must purchase at least 5 pieces of each product. For example: if ordering kitty rocks (5), kitty Ekstacy (5) and kitty perks (5) one must order at least 5 or more of each product and it must total up to 15 pieces(total) or more to be considered wholesale.

6. Selling Additional vaginal care products and/or other vaginal care brands that are not associated with Millennial Naturals/Kitty Kartel is strictly prohibited, not adhering to this rule will lead to termination of your distributorship immediately.