Millennial Naturals

Kitty Pops Applicator


Kartel Applicator are Vaginal tampon applicators to facilitate insertion of the kitty pop (vaginal pearl). Perfect for women with long nails, short fingers, or those who simply don’t want to use their fingers. 

Directions: Remove the top piece of the tampon, you should only have the bottom half. Unravel one Kitty Pop string to its stretched length and insert string through the bottom half of the tampon. Ensure the tail string of the kitty pop comes out the opposite end of bottom half of the tampon. Make sure Kitty pop(head) is sitting directly on top. Put back on a Kartel applicator head and insert like you would a tampon. 

1 applicator per 1 Kitty Pop. Do not re-use the same applicator twice. Once used please disregard. 

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