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Artemis Artisan Anointing Essence



Through our daily lives, we’ll come in contact with both positive and negative vibrations. However when we come in contact with these low vibrations through our daily lives, its thoughtforms latches onto us affecting our aura.  Although some people like to ignore it, the state of our auras plays a role in both our mental and physical well being and it can affect those who come in contact with us. We must cleanse our auras to ensure we’re always operating with a positive mindset. Annointing oils/Essences are one of the most effective ways to improve your aura and ward off negative energies and thoughtforms generated by you and/or others you come in contact with. 

Hand-crafted with love is my spiritually charged Artemis Anointing Essence. Our Essence contains certified organic Aloe Vera gel suspended in premium oils. Once applied to skin this super silky, thirst-quenching, aloe based oil will begin to ward off negative energies and thought forms, while providing stress relief, calmness, and a sense of balance. As you deeply breathe the gentle aromatherapeutic oils of French Lavandin, Roman & German Chamomille, Tangarine, & Mandarin, it will help to open up your airways, break down mucus, energizing you and help guide your meditations and connection to your higher self & divinity. My Annointing Essence will relax your mind and body while giving you sharp focus. Safe and Gentle enough for those with sensitive skin and children 1 year and above.

  •  Roman & German Blue Chamomille:  Natural mild sedative properties while healing scars, burns, and soothes skin.
  • Virgin Green Sri Lankan Coconut Oil: High in Lauric Acid and contains more fatty acids with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Lavandin (French Lavender): Skin healing properties, promotes relaxation, aromatherapy, and stress relief
  • Tangerine & Mandarin: Contains Vitamin C & Antioxidants to brighten, reverse aging, cell renewal. Opens up airways, Renews focus, increases energy, promotes happiness.
  • Amethyst Crystals: Purifies Aura, relieves stress and anxiety, increases mental focus, initiates wisdom and greater understanding.

INGREDIENTS: Virgin Sri Lankan Green Coconut Oil, Aloe Oil, Organic Sunflower Oil, Certified Organic Aloe Vera Gel, Lavandin (French Lavender), Tangerine, Mandarin Roman Chamomile, German Blue Chamomile Essential Oils, Amethyst Crystals. 

HOW TO USE: Shake well before use until contents are equally mixed. Use daily as an all over body and hair moisturizer and breathe in deeply. Through out the day annoint behind your ears and neck, forehead, wrists at least twice while speaking affirmations. Use at home, workplace, or hostile environments to ward off negativity and attract goodness.

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