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5 Reviews

5 reviews

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30 capsules

Our Voodoo Perks is our enhanced Kitty Perks enriched with non-GMO vitamin E oil and potent 500mg CeeBeeDee Hemp oil and the first-ever infused vaginal suppositories. It contains the same cleansing power as our original Kitty Perks suppositories capsules, but amplified with the benefits of CeeBeeDee  oil. 

CeeBeeDee oil benefits: 

  • Enhanced arousal
  • Relieves stress
  • Relieves Anxiety
  • Relieves cramps and pain
  • Increases lubrication 

These capsules are treatment capsules meant to restore pH, eliminate yeast infections, and kill bacterial vaginosis, while giving you intense relaxation and a peace of mind. 

Directions: Insert one Voodoo perk capsule deep into vaginal canal and wear a pantiliner. The voodoo perk will dissolve within 2 hours. Use as needed.

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